We treasure our business values, no compromises when it comes to what we stand for..

Solid principles for success and sustainability


Our core values

Our core values define the kind of business enterprise we are now, and what we need to be in the future. Central to that ethos is a commitment to drive value for clients, employees, partners and stakeholders. To achieve all of this, we must live our brand values:  



This is attained through accountability at individual, team and management levels to drive consistent high quality with a firm commitment.  



When knowledge is disseminated, it enhances competency and inspires us in the pursuit of continuous improvement and recognition of performance.  



Our cornerstones of strong business ethics, reliability, honesty and loyalty give us the momentum to function without prejudice or favoritism.  



How we conduct business dictates where we are headed in the long term. Commitment, professionalism and efficiency play a critical role.



Together, we've created an environment that's fair, disciplined, organized and aimed at exceeding stakeholder expectations through team effort.  



Mutual respect, unconditional support, constant encouragement and unshaken faith form the bedrock of a working culture we are proud of.  



When a working environment is transparent, open and non-bureaucratic, it facilitates more opportunities to pursue excellence.
Int’ltec Projects
Remediation and Restoration of Coastal Resources
The remedial plan of this project is to restore of tidal channel hydrology, removal of surface oil layers, and remediation of underlying oil residues within intertidal habitats.   The remediation activities include the...
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